Time to Breakout: Adventures of the Spirit

Celebrating its tenth year this year, Breakout 2018 is a gathering for pioneers where you will have the opportunity to engage your mind, have space for personal renewal, be resourced and connect in community.

Breakout was started by a group of partners who had a conversation about how to gather pioneers together and what the purpose would be. The partners that come together to make Breakout happen each year are the Centre for Pioneer Learning, Church Army, CMS, Fresh Expressions, the Light Project, The Salvation Army, Stewardship and Venture FX.

We sat down with Kinder Kalsi, Church Army Evangelist and partner of Breakout to find out more about what it is about.

For me, Breakout is a fantastic opportunity to hang out with other pioneers who get what I’m about. We have the chance to share stories and help each other in our pioneering journeys. It’s a really valuable time as the gathering gives me a personal space for reflection without question.

I love being involved in Breakout because it reminds me that God is at work in so many different ways. It gives me ideas that I can adapt to where I am at and I find it energising to hear people share about their struggles and their successes. It’s real life.

Being part of the organising team is brilliant because God has put unity on my heart and it gives me a chance to be part of that. We all come together as different partners but our heart in doing what we do is the same; it really resonates with something God is saying about ‘unite my church’.

This year’s theme is ‘Adventures of the Spirit’. Adventure is who we are as pioneers and we need to be led by the Spirit in all that we do. The two days of the gathering have been shaped by Roy Searle, one of our main speakers. Jane Alton, our other main speaker will be sharing about a particular celtic style and method of helping people to connect with their journey.

As well as hearing from Roy and Jane our hope is to provide a space of renewal; we’re thinking about how we help you to breathe and just be a pioneer and a child of God. There will be space to share what you know with others, to create community that you can continue to connect with after the weekend. There’s also a space for listening; we’ll have two chaplains available as part of the weekend who you can book time in with. A fun part of the weekend will be hosted by Ali Dorey and Lucy Bolster where we’ll have fun experimenting with drumming and rhythm and using what we have around us to make music.

We asked Kinder what would be his top five reasons to book in for Breakout today?

#1 It’s a chance to step out – just as Jesus stepped out from his ministry to rest, we need to do the same.

#2 Share all your emotions around a real campfire, the bar, the dinner table or at 2am in the lounge.

#3 You’ll be looked after! From when you arrive at the door you don’t have to worry about anything. Just turn up and enjoy a mini retreat.

#4 We have some great speakers this year; take the opportunity to listen to Roy and Jane and then take back what you learn to your context

#5 It’s a bargain! At £165 for the weekend, you’re in a for a real treat.

Over the years Breakout has connected with over 600 pioneers. If you’d like to join them, Breakout 2018 will be taking place on 26th– 28th September at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick. Click here to book online.

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