Connect Me

Fresh Expressions is a movement that works on connections.

We aim to be a network of networks, drawing people together from across the diversity of the church and from all kinds of experiences and perspectives.  We need you, and we need each other.  So lets connect.

We’ve found that networks operate best when three things are happening:

When we have joined together around a cause.  Network theorists talk about the concept of propinquity which means to be in the same place at the same time. What’s the passion you have ?  We believe you’ll find others in this movement you can share with and learn from.

When momentum comes from every corner.  We’ve all been in groups where the momentum and purpose comes from central organisation.  This can be fine and sometimes necessary.  However at Fresh Expressions we’ve come to believe that this network flourishes when all participants, all partners and all types of practice have a voice.  We want to be polyvocal – to talk with many voices.  We know in the past we’ve not always been the best at this but our desire is to change and we wonder if you’d help us?

When diversity is evident. We know we have a long way to go in this area but its our desire to be a diverse network where everybody has an equal part to play.  Key to this is those who animate our network and the associates and practitioners who champion what we do around the country.  If you want to find out more about playing your part in this contact to find out more.

If this sort of network sound appealing to you, we’d love to open the door and invite you in.  Here’s a few simple steps you can take now.

Find your place

Fresh Expressions is a movement of different practices, contexts and communities.  Why not tell us what you’re interested in and what your dreams are and we’ll connect you with like minded people.

If you’re inspired to act but don’t quite know how to start, which not visit our Guide Me pages to find out some first steps.

Connect me with others

Fresh Expressions is a movement which spans the whole of the UK as well as reaching into other continents and countries.  A first step might be to attend an event, to host a vision event to gather others or see what’s happening in the different hubs and networks that make up the movement.

Why not email us at – you can join our mailing list or connect with our FX Stories App.

Learn from someone 

There are many ways to connect with others in the movement who can provide learning or coaching.  You can do this remotely in our Resources section of this website.  You can connect with our network of coaches.  You can attend a Mission Shaped Ministry or Mission Shaped Introduction course.

If you’d like to find someone who you can learn from then contact our Resourcing guru Simon Goddard for more information.

Join in

Our network is made up of ordinary everyday people trying to re-imagine the church in their neighbourhood for the 21st Century.  We’d love to hear from you.