FX International

Fresh Expressions began in the UK, but it’s now a growing worldwide movement. Check out the different nations pioneering new contextual forms of church, maybe your country is next?

“A Fresh Expression is a form of church for our changing culture established primarily for the benefit if people who are not yet members of any church.”

Bishop Steven Croft

Fresh Expressions is an international movement of missionary disciples cultivating new kinds of church alongside existing congregations to more effectively engage our growing post-Christian society.

Beginning in 2004 in the UK as an result of the Mission Shaped Church Report, the movement resulted in the birth of thousands of new communities in the UK alone and brought renewal to scores of established churches. The movement has now spread to Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Norway,  South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

We have gathered together for International Conferences and are part of an International Learning Community; offering a space to share stories, challenges, resources, training and share reflections on the different missional challenges we face in our varied contexts as well as pray for each other. If you feel called to pioneer in your country then do get in touch as we’d love to encourage you.


In the beginning there was longing! This is how the group of those who have been meeting at regular intervals (currently in Salzburg) since 2017 came about to think about how to bring the Fresh X idea to the Austrian community on the one hand and how to put ideas that have already arisen into practice on the other can implement. It’s about exchange, encouragement and inspiration, but also about very specific work on events and projects.


Regenerating the Church, Australia began in 2013 and seeks to equip, encourage and grow the number of Fresh Expressions in Australia.


FX Canada, started in 2008 when the Church Planting Working Group of The Anglican Diocese of Toronto morphed into the Fresh Expressions Working Group with significant support from Wycliffe College; Fresh Expressions Canada is a network of pastors, lay leaders, and everyday people with a dream to see the Canadian Church reimagined. The leadership team is working to create working to inspire, challenge, and equip the next generation of missional leaders in Canada.


In 2011, the organisers of’ Community 2.0′ and three large regional churches met at the round table: table for the joint decision to tackle an initiative to promote “new expressions of the Church” in a coordinated manner. The organizers of “Community 2.0” and three large regional churches met at the round table which launched the beginnings of Fresh X Germany. The organisation exists to see others from Fresh X regularly inspired and to meet people from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland who are in a similar context?


At the end of 2016, 91 pioneering places had started or were being prepared in the Netherlands. Places where people experiment with new forms of church. More than ten thousand people are involved, half of whom were not involved in a church.


Since 2018, the Christian Council of Norway has been involved in cheering on good and courageous initiatives. Good cooperation with the churches is an important resource in the further work.  Through professional days, webinars and conferences, we will highlight the good examples, help us to challenge and support each other, and follow what God is doing in our country today. On this website we will also gather a lot of resources and information that we hope will be useful and inspiring.


Started in 2016, Fresh Africa exists for the “purposeful accompaniment of missional communities” and serving churches and denominations as they “rediscover and seek to join God’s mission in the world and in so doing become co-workers with God in the transformation of their communities in order to start new missional communities”.


New ways to be a church is the Swedish translation of Fresh Expressions of Church. New ways to be a church in Sweden is a network that has existed since 2013. We are a number of priests and lay people in the Church of Sweden and EFS who want to take advantage of the experiences from FX. The network wants to spread knowledge about basic ideas from fx, but also draw attention to what congregations in Sweden already do that carry similar content.


The track group was formed in 2011. It has already organized several conferences on the topic and so-called “round tables”, which primarily deal with the exchange of existing projects. The task of the track group is to promote networking among people who are interested in new forms of church expression or who are already involved in an fx. It communicates the vision, theory and practice of the fx movement to interested parties, existing projects and churches. In addition, it promotes the development of fx in Switzerland through observation, documentation and reflection and supports possible fx in the church recognition process.


In 2010, the Fresh Expressions US movement began taking shape in the US through the vision and generosity of the Baptist General Association of Virginia and a growing number of partners committed to a new era of missional ecumenism, a unity around the mission of God the Father through the resurrected Son in the power of the Holy Spirit. Fresh Expressions US exists to equip Christians to start contextual expressions of church among the many segments, neighbourhoods, and people groups of society.