1. Strip the willow

For those who are more adventurous or know each other really well, try using the folk dance move Strip the willow where you all stand in a circle, initially in twos. On the signal ‘Peace be with you’, turn to your partner offering your right hand – the partner does the same – and you both say ‘And also with you’. Then you pass each other in the direction that you are facing and move to the next partner – offering your left hand this time – saying again, ‘And also with you’. Do this until you’ve gone round everybody in the circle a couple of times. This could be done with some fun music.

2. Pass the parcel – peace stickers

You will need: a prize, a newspaper, sticky tape, pre-printed stickers, a CD player.

Create a multi-layered ‘parcel’ with a nice prize in the centre that everyone will enjoy together – eg, a large pack of Maltesers or Jelly Babies. Instead of forfeits for each layer, include a sheet of five stickers that you’ve pre-printed with blessings like: ‘May God’s peace be with you’. When the music stops, the person removes the next wrapper and finds a small sheet of the pre-printed labels which they then distribute to their immediate neighbours. Eventually everyone in the room should have a sticker – and a nice prize at the end too!

Music: Don’t forget to have some good uptempo music, preferably from the charts, that’s suitable, uplifting and appropriate. If nothing is suitable, a good example would be ‘Celebration’ by Kool & the Gang – and make sure everyone gets ‘a turn’.