Growing Rural Ministries

As an interdenominational mission agency, Rural Ministries has continued to expand its network, partnering with over 85 churches and pioneers across the UK and linking with a further 1300 churches. Since its launch in 1962, Rural Ministries has sought to connect the reviving and planting of rural churches with the gifts and skills of cross-cultural missionaries. Through giving pioneers and church leaders ‘permission to fail’, Rural Ministries has sought to inspire missional entrepreneurs within the rural context. “There are encouraging signs from the many innovative projects we have been supporting. From creative art cafes to surfing communities, God is drawing people to Him through Jesus, and it is a privilege to be part of this” said Rev Simon Mattholie, CEO of Rural Ministries.

“Our vision for the future is to leverage beyond the limits of our resources, and inspire innovation, enable transformation and help regenerate the rural church locally, regionally and nationally.”

“As part of this strategy, we are looking to recruit a number of people, the first of which is a Director for pastoral care to support our partner base in the South of England. In particular, we are keen to develop further learning communities as intra-dependent networks of support for those serving in the rural context, as well as working closely with existing churches to enable them to become healthier and more missionally effective.”

An application form and job description for the first of these newly created roles can be downloaded from The closing date is the 24thAugust 2018