News about Fresh Expressions Board

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Today marks another significant and helpful transition in the life of the Fresh Expressions movement as we continue to develop as a network of networks centred around enabling and supporting mission in the UK.

We have been incredible grateful to our Board over the last 5 years.  They have worked behind the scenes to ensure good governance and to support the movement as it has made significant changes.   Now, as October ends, a number of Board members will be stepping down in order to enable a smaller, lighter-touch Board for Fresh Expressions moving forward.

The letter (below) from our Chair Bishop Ric Thorpe explains the changes as they’ve been communicated to each denomination.

He explains that “the new board will have 6 members, with each member staying on the board for 3 years. Each year, 2 members will resign, and 2 further new members will be appointed. They will be properly inducted so that they can play their part in enabling the Fresh Expressions movement to thrive.”

We would like to place on record our thanks to the following Board members whose service in this capacity ends today.

Thank you to Francis Brienen, Stephen Dean, Norman Smith, John Drane and Steven Wild.  We really appreciate all that you’ve given and the way you’ve served in this role.

If you’d like to know about Fresh Expressions structure and governance check our Board pages or contact us.

Read the letter from Bishop Ric Thorpe, Chair of our Board