Quick Look Guides

Quick Look Guides are a new feature giving you very simple and slick steps in developing your Fresh Expression.   They're based on our successful Mission Shaped Ministry course and we've added to relevant MSM codes to help you connect the dots.  You can find out much more about Mission Shaped Ministry on this website.

These Quick Look Guides are also handy and useful if you're a teacher on a Mission Shaped Ministry course.  They give you a potted overview of the different sessions and enable you to see clearly where you're going.

A01 Introduction

A02 Mission Context and the Mixed Economy

A03 The Mission of God

A04 Vision and Call

A05 Missional Values

A06 Starting something new

A07 Listening for mission

A08 What is Church?

A09 Gospel and Culture

B01 Team Roles and Behaviours

B02 Leadership Matters

B04 Discipleship

B05 Prayer for Mission

B07 Evangelism Strategies 1

B08 Evangelism Strategies II

C01 Worship and Sacraments

C06 Engaging with your community

C07 Handling Opposition and Setback

C09 Healthy Relationships

C10 Growing a Fresh Expression of Church to maturity