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Fresh Expressions – Our story so far

In the late 1990's and into the New Millennium, the Church of England conducted a process of investigating and encouraging the pioneering of new forms of Church expression which sought both to respond to the decline in church attendance but also to rapid changes in culture.  Archbishop Rowan Williams coined the phrase "mixed economy" to express the concept of a varied approach and varied shapes of Church within a 21st Century context.  These experiments in mixed-economy practice were already taking place and often flourishing so the 2004 report Mission Shaped Church sought to characterise these changes in approach which saw new and different expressions of gathering as Christian disciples taking place.

The report argued that the "time has come to ensure that any Fresh Expression of Church that emerge within the Church of England, or are granted a home within it, are undergird by an adequate ecclesiology."  This and other recommendations led to the appointment of Bishop Steven Croft to lead this movement and shortly after, the involvement of ecumenical partners such as the Methodist Church and United Reform Church.

Fresh Expressions has since been led by Bishop Graham Cray and now by Rev Phil Potter and has gone through many changes and adaptations.  However, the movement remains predominantly the same - one which seeks to create and imagine church for those who don't normally attend it.

"a Fresh Expression is a form of church for our changing culture established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church" (Bishop Steven Croft, 2006).

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The Fresh Expression Team

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Fresh Expressions Stories and further reading.

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There are also a number books and publications which we recommend for a good introduction to Fresh Expressions, and some which explore a bit deeper too.   You can find these in our shop.

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