There are many many people who make Fresh Expressions work.

We aim to be a network of networks, championing the practice and pioneering of people right across the country.

So in some ways a page about our team should be a mirror, held reflecting back at you.   We want to say thank you for all you’re doing.

However, for this page we guess you’ve visited to find out who’s behind all this so here’s a few introductions…

Suzie Wall works with Fresh Expressions on its gatherings and events. She is also secretary to the Fresh Expressions board. Suzie has been working with Fresh Expressions since 2014.

Tim Lea is a  long-time Associate Missioner of Fresh Expressions, Tim joined the team in 2013 to look after our programme of vision days across the UK.  Tim is Network Animator for the movement.

Simon Goddard is a Pioneer in the Cambridge area and a Minister in the Eastern Baptist Association.  Simon is involved in many aspects of Fresh Expressions work nationally and particularly co-ordinates FX Resourcing.

You can contact any of our team by using the form below: