Beginning Conversations: Fresh Expressions Story App

Here at Fresh Expressions HQ we’re determined to keep you the focus on our content and conversations.  More and more we are convinced this movement works by enabling you, the experts, doing the stuff day to day in your local contexts.  We want to hear your stories and learn from you.

Last November we launched the Fresh Expression App with that thought in mind.  Since then several hundred of you have downloaded it.   We’re still making tweaks to get it working just as we’d like – the latest update comes through this Friday so if you’ve got the App, do update it over the weekend, if you haven’t do download it.  Details are at the bottom of the page.

The thing our App needs to spread her lovely digital wings and fly around our network is all your stories and thoughts. There is a section of the App which is all about you, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, what inspires you etc. A space to say help or hooray! The App is still a baby, but already there are some smashing examples of the way the that stories can be shared and exciting stuff pointed to.

  • Check out the short reflections and comments on things folk found helpful at ‘On The Road’ seminars
  • See people’s pointers to environmental projects that FX could pick up
  • Find the link to some free resources to access for ‘Fuel for Pilgrims’.

“I use social media a lot for sharing ideas, wisdom and challenges as well as stories of things that happen to me,” Ali Dorey, Director of Training at FX told me, “But the new App is giving me a forum to share some ideas that I think could be of particular interest to people in the church who are trying to think outside the box…”

And that’s the point. Which of us aren’t using social media now to talk to our friends, have a rant, post pictures of kittens? The FX App provides a place to chatter away about FX stuff to like-minded folk.

Another way that the App will richly bless your life is through the Events section. There’s a lot going on out there, and we’d love for you folk to be kept in the loop with regional, local or national gatherings. Don’t worry – we’re notification aware and won’t bombard you, but would love to give you a nod before the biggies.

Coming next month we’ll also be introducing a simple system to interact with stories to like and to comment.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.

So, now your App-etite is whetted (!!) it’s time to download and try it out for yourself. It’s all good for both Apple and Android phones, just head to the iTunes App Store or Google Play and search for ‘Fresh Expressions – Stories’ and the world of FX can be right there in your pocket where’ere you may go.

Alternatively you can follow the links below:

Google Play Store

Apple iTunes App Store

“I love it when stories pop up on the App,” says Ali. “Its so encouraging to be reminded that there are thousands of people out there reimagining reality so creatively. It gives me heart and helps me keep going.”