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Breakfast @9 Swanage

Breakfast@9 is exactly what is says on the tin. It is an authentic community that meets for breakfast at 9am every Sunday that shares informal worship together finishing at 10am. In that time we eat; share stories; listen to God’s story through prayer, drama and music; then reflect on our lives and God’s goodness as we work around the breakfast table on a take-home craft that reinforces what we’ve learned.

Breakfast@9 can work well anywhere where there is an informal space, such as a church centre or hall, as well as in church and where preferably hot food can be served. It works well in both rural and urban settings and there are a significant number of Breakfast@9 fresh expressions of church already operating in parishes and churches across England. We use readily available resources, such as Open the Book and the Lion Storyteller Bible and there is a book on ‘how to do’ Breakfast@9 available on iBooks called ‘Wake Up! And smell the coffee’ which Kevin Mayhew will be publishing soon along with termly resource books.

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