Community Gatherings

  • Gatherings are always creative and invite participation.

As a movement we regularly get together in what we call Community Gatherings.

These are designed to be places of learning, networking and conversation and are always set over 24 hours so we can spend a decent time getting to know each other.  Each Gathering has a specific theme and we invite anyone within the movement who’d like to share what they’re doing and contribute to the whole of who we are to come along. This might make you a denominational leader, someone leading a Fresh Expressions, someone involved in training or mission or someone who is involved as a practitioner and believes this is their movement.

You’d all be very welcome.

Tim lea writes ….

The gathering is open to anyone who is interested in connecting, networking and learning/reflecting with those who are involved in fresh expressions.  The movement is wide and varied; you might be leading a messy church, setting up a network of new missional communities, pioneering in whole new context, leading a project, trying to deliver the mixed economy across an area or embedding fresh expressions within a church organisation or denomination.

So, if you are a practitioner, if you enable or advocate, are a pioneer or a social entrepreneur, or right on the very edges of church, come and join us.

God’s Spirit is on the move in a whole variety of new, exciting and different ways. We want to continue to join in with that movement as it evolves and changes.

You can find out more about our next gathering and book in here.

All details for the gatherings will now be through Suzie Wall,

We look forward to seeing you.