Hubs & Connections

Fresh Expressions operates as a ‘all channel network.’

What this means is that rather than looking to centralise information and organisation, our aim is give power and voice to everyone involved in the movement.  We want movement and momentum to be happening everywhere.  Sometimes we won’t know everything thats happening in the movement but thats ok because to us that’s a sign of life and vitality.  Its a sign our network works.

If you’re new to the movement one of the first things we’ll do is suggest you get together with others.  You can find out more about connecting with movement here.

To help this process along we have a number of Hubs and Connections designed to put you together with people who are doing similar things to you or are working in similar spaces or networks.  Here’s what we have to offer you.


We have a network across the country which seeks to champion, support and share the work of Fresh Expressions.

If you’re a practitioner and want to connect others and connect with others then read on …

Denominations and organisations 

We work with a number of denominations across the UK.  To find out more why not visit our Partner pages.


We connect with the growing network of pioneers across all the main denominations including the Church of England Pioneer Network and Methodist Pioneers to name but a few.   You can find out more by checking out the Pioneer Ministry Pages.

Local Pioneer Centres 

We are thrilled and excited by the work done by Fresh Expressions on the ground.  Many of these communities are now recognised as Local Pioneer Centres and can provide support, guidance and insight to those beginning their Fresh Expressions journey.  Why not read on to find out more …

Rural Hub 

Many Fresh Expressions of Church are planted in rural settings around the UK.   Read more about what’s going on and about our latest Rural gathering.


As a movement we regularly get together across the country in what we call Fresh Expressions Community Gatherings.  For more info and for details of the next event check out our Gatherings Page.