Local Pioneer Centres



Pioneer Centres are centres of innovation and good practice which can offer hospitality, advice and inspiration to those wanting to find out more about contextual church planting. Some will intentionally be developed as strategic hubs for creating support and learning communities. 

In a relatively new field like pioneering fresh expressions of church, one of the most helpful ways to learn and gain encouragement in any developing situation is to connect with or visit somewhere that has made significant progress. This practice has already proved transformative for many who have visited a place or project similar to the calling they are exploring but which is some steps further on. So in identifying Local Pioneer centres we are merely building on what we and others have already been doing informally with the intent to extend the benefit much wider across the Fresh Expressions family.

What makes a Local Pioneer Centre and how do they get recognised?

Each month we'll feature Pioneer Centre's from the amongst the many that been recognised. This is simply to make sure that each centre doesn't get overwhelmed with visitors. Click on the images below to find out more.

Fountain of Life Network Church

Breakfast@9, Swanage

St Luke's in the High Street, Walthamstow

St Ann's, Tottenham

The Upper Room, Cirencester

Finding out about all our Local Pioneer Centre's and how to visit

The nuts and bolts

Full List of LPC’s

Click here for a full list of our centres

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Visiting Pioneer Centres

If you like to visit a Pioneer Centre there are three simple steps. 

  1. Complete our LPC Engagement Form (part a & b below) and email the Centre you'd like to visit.

  2. The centre will then respond to you and clarify arrangements.  Please note visits depend on demand and availability of local teams.

  3. During and after your visit complete the follow-up section of the LPC Engagement Form (part c below) with your action and the learning you've gained from it. 

LPC Engagement Form