Connecting with the movement

Fresh Expressions is a movement that works on connections.

We aim to be a network of networks, drawing people together from across the diversity of the church and from all kinds of experiences and perspectives.  We need you, and we need each other.  So lets connect.

If you’re new to the movement we suggest your first step is to find a place to physically connect. 

Make contact with a Hub or Network

Pioneers and Practitioners around the country are gathering together in local or subject based Hub’s where like-minded pioneers can connect, share and support.  We strongly recommend getting in the room with others as a way to connect with the movement.  Here’s a selection of groups you can get involved with.

Gloucester Diocese Fresh Expressions

There is a great network of Pioneers in Gloucester Diocese organised by Cate Williams.  Check out their website.

Sheffield Pioneers Network 

A network of pioneers in the Sheffield region co-ordinated through the Church Army and a Facebook group.  Open to all.

Messy Meet Ups 

If you’re involved in Messy Church, Messy Meet-Ups are a great way to meet others doing similar things. 

National Anglican Community of Pioneers 

Ed Oldsworth-Peter organises the national network of Anglican Pioneers with regular get togethers.

Leicester Diocese 

Leicester Diocese has a great network of lay or ordained Pioneers.

Venture FX and Methodist Pioneering

Connect with Pioneers from the Methodist Church. 

The Starfish Network 

The Starfish Network is a great network for anyone who’s taken part in any of the modules or courses from CMS Pioneer Teaching around the country.

South Central CMS Pioneer Hub 

Paul Bradbury connects with Pioneers in the South of England through the Regional Training Partnership in that region and particularly with Anglican and Methodist Pioneers and Fresh Expressions.  There is a great Facebook group that fuels the group.

Fresh Expressions Cumbria

Richard and Lori Passmore gather Pioneers and Fresh Expressions across Cumbria.

FX Associates 

Tim Lea gathers those who represent and share the news of Fresh Expressions around the country as Associates.  If you think you’d like to be an Associate get in touch.

Incarnate Network 

The brilliant Baptist network for Pioneers.

New Housing Hub

This brilliant hub is for all those working on New Housing Estates.

Rural Hub 

A hub for those working in Rural settings with regular events and get togethers.

Young Adults Hub

A Hub for those working with Young Adults.

We also have a number of denominational partners who you can connect with.  Check out our partners page for more details.

Join us at a Community Gathering

If you are a local FX leader or getting a project started then you might want to connect with one of our Community Gatherings. They happen every three months and are 24 hours to connect and dream together.  There is a cost but we aim to gather as broad a group as possible.  If you’d like to connect with our Gatherings then to find out what’s happening and when the next one is.  

Make use of our App’s, social media and this website 

Why not email us at – you can join our mailing list or connect with our FX Stories App.

You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook too.  Just click the links at the top of the page.

Join in

Our network is made up of ordinary everyday people trying to re-imagine the church in their neighbourhood for the 21st Century.  We’d love to hear from you.