Pentecost Campaign

Pentecost was the start of something incredible. it was simple, contextual and people experienced the good news in a way that they could understand. it was fueled by the holy spirit and the transformative power of
the gospel

Would you help to continue the work the Spirit has been doing through us?

Over 20+ incredible years Fresh Expressions Ltd has been encouraging and resourcing new ways of being church, working with Christians from a broad range of denominations and traditions. The movement has resulted in thousands of new communities being formed alongside more traditional churches.

Until recently we’ve predominantly been funded through our partnership with denominations, and we’re grateful for their tremendous support over the years. Since 2019, however, we’ve been making a significant shift so that our focus is increasingly on empowering individual practitioners – the real changemakers. We’ve evolved from having an employed leader and staff team, to a leadership community and a contracted operations team. Fresh Expressions is becoming a dynamic, self-sustaining movement supported by a community of passionate individuals, and we’re thrilled to continue the journey with you  – where your unique contributions will make all the difference.

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Where your donations could help:


Creating spaces for deep listening and discerning the Holy Spirit is crucial for any mission. These brave or safe spaces enable deep and important conversations to take place in the midst of life to hear the wild Holy Spirit who is at work in the world.


Jesus had a bias to the poor, the margins and fringes. How can we mutually listen and learn? Can we serve without domestication or colonialism? What is our posture? So we might be richer and stronger in our diversity and difference and see the Kingdom come.


Culture is about how we do things -it’s in the air we breathe and the water we swim in. Each context brings a different culture and makes a difference, in every geographical location, network, church, organisation. What does it look like to follow Jesus in these cultures and not be consumed by them?


Coaching is about helping someone else to discover what God is uniquely calling them do and be. It’s about empowering and encouraging them to bring the best out of themselves
not forcing our perspective on them. How might the Kingdom of God within us spring forth, flourish and bring transformation?

theological reflection

God is at the centre and our talk should be about what she is doing. “God-talk” is at the heart of all that we are and do and be. Theological reflection is for all. It is God’s agency in the world that needs to be first and foremost and we are called to be partners in the great reconciliation.


Empowering and equipping others. Leading by example. Letting the context shape how we might lead. How does a group lead? Is leadership like the conductor of a symphony? Does leadership exist in a murmuration? We dare to create, space and time to discern and reflect on these vital questions?

How can you support us?

Our aim is to raise
£19k by the 19th May​

Come and be a part of what the Spirit is doing and help us equip and release a generation of everyday missionaries

A one-off gift would be amazing. A regular monthly donation would be even better. Either will help us continue and expand the work of Fresh Expressions as we seek to encourage and resource Christians in the UK to start, grow and multiply new ways of being church.

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If you are unable to create an account with stewardship and wish to give directly then connect with us here.

How else can you support us?

There are other ways that you can support us

Firstly we serve our king Jesus and we know we can only make progress by His spirit.

Check out the The fx prayer.



Stories are key to our mission. We all know that stories of transformation are what inspire us to keep going or to get started in the first place.

So, we’re always on the lookout to hear stories about your creative communities and the impact they have been having however big or small.


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The Missions shaped Podcast

Checkout the Mission Shaped Podcast where we share inspiring and encouraging stories from across the movement

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Getting started

Pioneering is all about growing new forms of church where church isn’t.

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and we have a vast community of practitioners and loads of resources.

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fx Values

Fresh Expressions of Church take several different forms; 

from new housing, rural, messy church, forests, coffee shops, barns, online and even church buildings. Several key features unite them to provide further clarity…

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Fresh Expressions are rooted in and shaped by the context in which they’re established

No single Fresh Expression is the same. These stories are a great place to be inspired.

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fx Resourcing

One of the four key activities of fx is to enable the resourcing of the movement

here’s a sustainable framework that empowers practitioners to co-create and resource one another. Check out the wealth of resources and training available

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