Dreamers, Poets and Prophets – a report from our latest FX Gathering

Every term, practitioners from across the Fresh Expressions movement get together to think about what we’re doing, to ask questions of Fresh Expressions and of Pioneering, and to dream the future.

This latest gathering (which took place at Sawnick on 11-12 September) uniquely gave space for “poets, prophets and dreamers.”  Tim Lea, who animates the Fresh Expressions network, put i very simply “we want to make space for you.”

We began with four brilliant and punchy PechaKucha talks.  PechaKucha is a public speaking approach, pioneered in Japan, where speakers have 20 slides which stay on screen for 20 seconds each.  The slides move automatically, the speaker shares their stories and when the slides end, so do they.  We were thrilled to hear from Gemma, Andrea, Emma and Penny about stories of change, of real lives, of honesty and of the potential and hope of mission.  We posted two on our YouTube Channel which you can find below.  Gemma Dunning shares “Hacking the System” whilst Andrea Camapanale shares “Going to the Margins.”

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTbhXPct8_0[/embedyt]     [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrPQtVG9Fvg[/embedyt]

Our next step was to creatively imagine mission and vision through poetry.  Ed Oldsowrth-Peter helped us create lines of poetry collectively and then make these incredible poetry mobiles.

These ideas then took words in conversation and as spend time chatting and dreaming around campfires.  These gatherings are all about relationships  and so this was such an important time.  If you’re dreaming up Fresh Expressions of Church we encourage you to meet with others doing the same.  These gatherings are a great way to do this.

Our second day gave space for dreaming … What are our hopes and dreams?  How might they take shape?  We prayed and we shared these dreams.  There was a lovely sense of honesty in the room.

Lastly we considered the prophetic – what might God be saying to us?  We pondered what we might we take up and what might we lay down?

This gathering was an important time for many of us.  We’ll meet again in a few months but if you want to know more why not contact us and find out how you can come along next time?