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Effective and Practical Coaching Workshops

Four interactive, practical and effective coaching workshops to help you develop the skills and confidence in coaching.

The Grow Coaching model, first developed by Sir John Whitmore forty years ago, aims to provide practical skills in cultivating others through a process that helps people GROW by:

Identifying Goals (What do you want to achieve?)
Determining Reality (Where are you now?)
Exploring Options (What could you do?)
Deciding what you Will do (What will you do?)

Through four interactive workshops we will help you develop the skills and confidence in coaching and so effectively coach others. This will enable coachees to develop themselves, build capacity and develop their mission and ministry in whatever context.

“Coaching is an ongoing and intentional conversation that Empowers a person or group to full live out Gods calling.”

Keith E. Webb

Each workshop will cover process, skills and practice

Workshop One: Introducing the model, exploring what coaching is and is not, giving it a go, developing listening skills
Workshop Two: Developing good reflective practice, asking powerful questions and giving it a go
Workshop Three: Outcomes focussed, designing actions, SMART, accountability, giving it a go
Workshop Four: Aspects of contracting, a longer coaching session, What will do you next?

By taking the GROW coaching you will:

  • Cultivate the processes and skills to grow others
  • Enhance personal and professional development
  • Develop transferable coaching skills
  • Learn and practice with others in the cohort
  • Benefit from the resources and skills of the partners.

This coaching training is offered and facilitated in partnership by Fresh Expressions UK, Forge England and Wales, The Salvation Army and Methodist Church.

Our facilitators are;

Tim Lea; a qualified, ICF registered coach, with over 300 hours of coaching experience. He is Networks facilitator and animator for Fresh Expressions UK.

Trevor Hutton: Leader of Forge England and Wales, Trevor is an experienced coach through his work with Momentum UK, and has developed a network of coaches across England and Wales to coach missional practitioners through Forge

Andrea Vertigan; co-leader on all things pioneering and Fresh Expressions for the Salvation Army in the UK. A key part of her role has been in the coaching and support work of pioneer leaders and developing coaches.


Wed 7th and Thurs 8th July – 9.30 – 12.30, 1.30-4.30pm with an hour lunch break. Book Here

Oct 2021 – Wed 6th, 13th , 20th , 27th – all 1-4pm. Book Here

Feb 2022 – Sat 27th and Sun 28th – 9.30 – 12.30 and 1.30 to 4.30 each day. Book Here

Bookings are through Eventbrite and we will send you a zoom link for the 2 days. We are limiting the course participants to a maximum of 21. The course will not run if we have less than 15 participants.