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“We face a significant moment of opportunity”. This was the conclusion of the Mission Shaped Church report which was published 18 years ago this September. It took a snapshot, looking at what the Holy Spirit was doing across the country, and how Christians were joining in. It marked the birth of the fresh expressions movement, and was a report “for such a time as this…”

As we celebrate our 18th birthday, and the movement ‘comes of age’, the opportunity for us as Jesus followers continues to be as great as ever.

Society is fast changing with new challenges and possibilities all around us. How might Christians host conversations and places of dialogue in an increasingly polarised society? How might we love and stand in solidarity with those at the economic margins? How might we play our part in tackling the climate emergency? How might new Christian communities model a Kingdom way of living that speaks powerfully in an age of consumption?

Perhaps those ancient words found in the book of Esther have even more weight for us today: “for such a time as this…”.

Join us at the gathering this September as we reflect on the past 18 years, celebrate all that God has done and then listen and discern where the wild Holy Spirit is leading us next.

28 Sept 22: 1.00pm – 4.30pm and 7.30pm – 9.00pm

29 Sept 22: 9.00am – 12.30pm

(Keep an eye on this page for updates and a full programme coming soon)

Event Programme:

  • Wednesday 28 Sept 22 (on Zoom):
    • 1.00pm – Welcome
    • 1.15pm – Graham Cray – Reflection on the report
    • 1.30pm – Breakout sessions – Sharing our experiences
    • 2.00pm – Capturing Thankfulness  bring your stones)
    • 2.30pm – Coffee Break
    • 3.00pm – Graham Cray – Re-reflection and learnings
    • 4.00pm – Wrap up and close
  • Thursday 29 Sept 22 morning session (on Zoom):
    • 9:00am – Welcome
    • 9.15pm – Worship
    • 9.30pm – Reality Check – Re-orientating to the future breakout groups
    • 10.00am – What Could Be- What is God saying to us as a movement?
    • 10.30am – Coffee Break
    • 11:00amWhat Will be in the coming years?
    • 12:15pm – Wrap up and close with prayer