Examples of Fresh Expressions

“God has built experimentation into the fabric of creation. Civilisation is the history of experiments that worked. If experimentation is a vital part of being human, should it not be part of church as well? Many fresh expressions start as experiments, and we pray that they will continue to be filled with the Spirit of creativity.”

Graham Cray

Starting and developing a Fresh Expression is a creative process. Practitioners may have an idea of what they want to do and how, but it’s only when they take the leap of faith and try something that God begins to reveal the next steps and it’s often surprising where they lead. Most practitioners will say that the Fresh Expression they are a part of now, doesn’t look like the initial idea they started with, which is what makes Fresh Expressions so unique. Whilst one fx might be inspired by another, it will begin to form its own identity as the context and those who connect with it help shape it. 

Fresh Expressions is a movement centred around storytelling and we hope some of the stories below encourage and inspire you on your own fx journey. If you have a story of your own Fresh Expression; whether it’s one you started or one you’ve joined then do get in touch as we’d love to hear your story and share it with the movement. 


Check out the story of Creepy Cove; a podcast presented in the style of a Church service, but not just any church, Creepy Cove is a mysterious haunted fishing town by the sea where every horror movie actually happened. Described as Songs of Praise meets Stephen King, this is a community church of the like you’ve never seen before..


Hear the story of Revs Limiter; an online community of over 7,000 members, started by pioneer & car enthusiast Adam Gompertz during lockdown. 


57 West is a Fresh Expression of church for rough sleepers in Southend-on-Sea. Listen to Dan’s story of how they took an empty shop unity and turned it into a place for community to grow, hear about Jesus and be transformed by Him


Threshold is a vibrant rural church made up of lots of different groups and communities across Lincolnshire. We gather at various times throughout the week and also on Sunday mornings at Welton Village Hall.

Watch the story of how Threshold began here.


Hear Sue Butler share the story of Thirst; a Fresh Expression of church started over 10 years ago, by a group of mums who began gathering for breakfast at the local Primary School their kids attended.


Lucy is part of the team who founded Messy Church and has since worked as Team Leader whilst the movement has taken root and become a widely recognised model of Fresh Expressions with families and others.


Sorted began with the simple aim of getting alongside young people, building relationships and empowering them to help us form new Christian communities. Spending time with young people in schools, on the streets and in the parks; we listened to their concerns and aspirations and began experimenting; forming groups and asking the question – what will transformation look like for young people in North Bradford?

Hear more stories!

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fx practitioners have been sharing their stories of pioneering for years. From barns to schools, coffee shops, forests, beaches, pubs, housing estates, living rooms and even churches, the fx movement has a whole archive of stories for you to delve into.