Fresh Expressions Community Gathering March 2019

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A couple of weeks ago nearly 90 leaders from the Fresh Expressions community across the UK gathered in Swanick for a 24 hour get together to think about the future of our movement.

Our theme was “Let the Movement be the Movement” and we had some important work to do.  Firstly we were marking fifteen years of Fresh Expressions and the end of Phil Potters time as FX Missioner.  Then we were getting to grips with changes to the way Fresh Expressions is going to be structured going forward … a movement without a formal leader but instead empowering all the leaders across the length and breadth of Fresh Expressions.  This little movie sets out things a little bit more.


We thought it’d be fun to share some photo’s from the gathering to give you a flavour of how things went.

This was Phil Potter’s last Gathering as FX Missioner and Team Leader.  We took the time to say thank you to him and to hear his hopes for the future.

This gathering was all about handing on the baton to the movement itself, to women and men already leading and enabling in Fresh Expressions across the UK.

There was a lot of dreaming and conversation.  What would we like this movement to be?  What are the big questions?

It was great to be led by Tim Lea in discussing 10 key questions for the movement and to come up with our thoughts and ideas on each one.

The gathering was also about stories.  Here Lucy Moore and Andy Milne share stories of Fresh Expressions with children and young people.

Our next community gathering is Tuesday 18-Wednesday 19 June.  If you’d like to be a part of it then get in touch with us at and we can tell you more.