Fresh Expressions holds a Denominational Learning Community in Birmingham

At the start of this week, 30 people representing Fresh Expressions six denominational partners met together in Birmingham to consider questions around their strategies for Fresh Expressions of Church and to particularly consider three questions:

  • What is ?
  • What could be ?
  • What will be ?

As an observer of my first learning community I was extremely impressed with the process.  Teams works together but then share their ideas with the other denominations and openly encourage comment, insight and inspiration.  Each denomination is also encouraged to find things they learn from the other presentations and ideas shared.  This mix means tried and tested ideas can be questioned and that the inspiration of new ideas can come.

I was also deeply touched by the unity on show.  At a time when we often speak of divisions in the UK, here were six Christian denominations being gracious and encouraging, being honest to share comment and showing each of their distinctive gifts.  It was really beautiful to observe.

At the end of the two days, each denomination shared an action plan and then everyone else prayed for them and for the plans being shared.  Our hope … that each denomination would be more effective in mission, more empowering of it’s leaders and more like Christ in the world we live in.

Article by Andy Freeman