Celebrate 21 years of Fresh Expressions:

Share your pioneering stories and creativity for our 2025 yearbook!

In 2025 it will be 21 years since the publication of the Mission Shaped Church report in 2004. To celebrate the ‘coming of age’ of Fresh Expressions, we’re keen to take a ‘snapshot’ of the movement, and the people who the Spirit has called to be part of it. We’re inviting everyone who is involved in pioneering mission-shaped communities and nurturing new expressions of church to submit a short entry for the yearbook. We hope the resulting ‘directory’ will serve as a resource for the movement, enabling you to connect with those who are pioneering in the same region as you and with those involved in similar missional adventures.
We’re also inviting people who are part of the movement to write articles for inclusion in the yearbook. It could be a reflection looking back on the last 21 years, or a theme or insight that’s only just emerging. If the Spirit’s stirring you to write something, then let us know as we’re keen to make space for a variety of voices – including yours! If you’re creative, then we’re happy to receive contributions in the form of poetry, not just prose. We’ll also be able to include black and white images in the yearbook, so if you’ve got a photo you’d like us to include (with the permission of those who can be identified in it), or a piece of artwork, then let us know in the form below, and send it to us by email.
Our aim is to collate the submissions in early autumn and make the yearbook available for sale in the run up to Christmas. To  enable us to meet that deadline, please do fill out the form below by 31st August.