Pioneers and fx Practitioners around the country are gathering together in local or context-based Hubs where like-minded pioneers can connect, share and support. If there isn’t a Hub here for your area or context and you’d like to partner with us in starting one then get in touch! 


New Housing Hub

The New Housing Hub is a a Network for Christians of all traditions who have a vision for engaging with new housing communities

Rural Hub

For over more than a decade now, Fresh Expressions of Church have been planted and being developed in Rural settings. There is a growing rural network of Fresh Expressions across the UK for you to connect with and be inspired by.

Pioneer Hub

A space where denominational leads who have responsibility for pioneering meet to discuss, share practice, learn from each other, reflect and pray together.

Coaching Hub

This is an opportunity for coaches to improve their knowledge and skills, build their coaching confidence and network with other coaches. All of the partners are keen to see a culture of coaching across the fresh expressions movement and wider church.

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Contemplative & Fresh Expressions​

Contemplative and Fresh Expressions FB group is for those;
1. Who are actively exploring the rich contemplative tradition to confront their own activist and egoic practice and thinking.
2. Who want to learn more, share practice and explore in a safe place.
3. Who are exploring contemplative practices within a fresh expression of church.

Church Army Pioneer Hub​

Church Army has had years of experience of training people to do pioneering ministry. In collaboration with the Diocese of Sheffield, Methodist Church (and anyone else who wants to join in). They are looking for ways to network and equip pioneers in the area through training days, networking events, setting up smaller peer-support groups and anything else that would help. Join the group to hear about upcoming events and to network with pioneers of all kinds in this area.

Pioneering Scotland​

Pioneering Scotland is a new Facebook group for people from across all denominations and networks north of the border. The hope is to better connect people involved in – or just interested in – pioneering, church planting and fresh expressions of church across Scotland. If that’s you and you’d like to join, click here. You’ll be very welcome – and become part of a space where you can share questions, experiences, challenges, encouragements, resources and ideas.

CMS Pioneer Hub &
Starfish Network

The Pioneer Hub at CMS is seeking to serve pioneers in the UK. It is part of CMS’s work with pioneer mission leaders. nd is particularly for the Starfish Network, but not exclusively. The Hub will be a place of support, training and resourcing. Whether you’re lay or ordained, Anglican or from another Christian denomination, whether you’re training or just getting on with things … we’re here to help.

Join their Facebook group here. 

Cumbria Mission Communities​

Churches all over Cumbria are joining together, forming Mission Communities with the common aim to grow God’s Kingdom.

A Mission Community is a cluster of ecumenical churches who commit to working together to make God for All a reality in their community. This includes how to use their combined resources (buildings, people, established connections) for mission and outreach.

Incarnate Network (Baptist Pioneers)​

The Incarnate Network is a community of Baptist pioneers. They are a grassroots network of Jesus followers, who live and work at the margins, where they seek to embody the good news in innovative and creative ways.

They seek to provide an inclusive space for those who often find themselves on the edge of existing structures and regularly under the radar. Offering a space to share stories, play with new ideas, learn from one another and offer solidarity, as we seek to follow Jesus and experiment with what it means to live out the Gospel in new and challenging contexts.

Messy Church Teams

Looking for help with some aspect of your Messy Church? Messy Church has different teams to help you start, run or develop your Messy Church, depending on what you’re looking for. From Advocates, Alongsiders, Admin, Getting Going, Wisdom, Prayer, Specialists, Storykeepers, Trainers, Writers and Readers, there’s every kind of support available to help your Messy Church thrive.

Methodist Pioneering Pathways

Methodist Pioneering Pathways (MPP) is a community of pioneers and planters. It is the church’s formal structure to support them as they begin New Places for New People. It is a community of equipping, coaching and connecting, expressed through local, national, and virtual gatherings. MPP is a community affirmed by the church for those discerned called to start New Places for New People.

National Anglican Community Of Pioneers

The National Anglican Community of Pioneers supports all those who are exploring a pioneer approach to mission and ministry in the Church of England – whether that’s full time, part time, spare time, paid, unpaid, lay or ordained. Its aim is to connect and support pioneers through an online community and by regular digital and physical meet ups, often with guest speakers. It also seeks to advocate for key pioneer issues within the Anglican Church.

If you would like to find out more, please email stating whether you would like to receive information about Community Membership (intentionally and actively pioneering in some way) or General Events/Information

Salvation Army Pioneering

The Salvation Army has Pioneer Hubs all over UK for support, learning, prayer and peer coaching. All led by our Pioneer Enablers. For information on who and where to contact use the link below or enquire on the SA Pioneering FB page.

The SA also have a National Pioneer Gathering – An annual event to gather and train pioneers. Use the contact below to find out more. There is also a Salvation Army Pioneering podcast with some great interviews and stories about pioneering.