Rural Hub

"Our dream is to see the countryside transformed through the love and power of God."

FX Rural Hub

For well over more than a decade now, Fresh Expressions of Church have been planted and being developed in Rural settings. The Rural Hub is a growing community of Fresh Expressions practitioners across the country. We have a national hub but are also developing regional hubs to help connect practitioners with other pioneers locally to offer support, prayer and encouragement. The Rural Hub also hosts conferences and training tailored towards the work of pioneering in a rural setting.


The easiest way to get connected with Rural Fresh Expressions is to join the discussions on our Facebook page, this is also the first place to find out about events, training and a great space to find those doing similar ministries and/or those living nearby. Alternatively you can send an email to the fx rural team.



FX Rural have hosted a number of conversations around the subject of Rewilding the Church. Click on the link below to watch the whole series of conversations with fx practitioners, theologians and authors as we explore topics such as;  ‘What does Rewilding show us about God, the Kingdom and the adventure of faith?‘, ‘Rewilding the Church and the work of the Holy Spirit’ & ‘Pioneering, Messy Church & the New Monasticism explore Rewilding.’

FX Rural partner with Rural Ministries; a charity established in 1962 with the vision to see the countryside served by people of mission who are grace filled, God empowered and contextually relevant. 

Watch our interview with Simon Mattholie, Chief Executive of Rural Ministries here.



FX Associates are the core of the movement. They’re a growing community of hundreds of Fresh Expressions practitioners across the UK who are passionate about equipping, encouraging and championing fellow pioneers and Fresh Expressions. If you’re currently involved in a Fresh Expression and looking for your tribe then come and join us!