"Coaching is an ongoing and intentional conversation that Empowers a person or group to full live out Gods' calling."

Keith E. Webb

Why Coaching?

Do you want to see others grow and be transformed? Are you involved in discipling others? Or equipping leaders for an uncertain future? A simple coaching technique might help you to bear fruit in others….

We and our partners offer and number of options for coaching which might flow one in one another, for those just starting out, to those who want to develop their coaching.

Each Workshop will cover process, skills & practice

1. Workshop One: Introducing the model, exploring what coaching is and is not, giving it a go, developing listening skills
2. Workshop Two: Developing good reflective practice, asking powerful questions and giving it a go
3. Workshop Three: Outcomes focussed, designing actions, SMART, accountability, giving it a go
4. Workshop Four: Aspects of contracting, a longer coaching session, What will do you next?

By taking the GROW coaching you will:
• Cultivate the processes and skills to grow others
• Enhance personal and professional development
• Develop transferable coaching skills
• Learn and practice with others in the cohort
• Benefit from the resources and skills of the partners.

This coaching training is offered and facilitated in partnership by Fresh Expressions UK, Forge England and Wales, The Salvation Army and Methodist Church


This Certificate is awarded through Cliff College

Teaching Dates: Mon 21st March to Fri 25th March 2022 (dates for 2023 are March)
Course Tutors: Elaine Lindridge, Andrea Vertigan, Rachel McCallam and Graham Horsely

Cost: approx. £450 including all materials, accommodation and food.

This short course is designed to develop coaching skills and will be especially useful for anyone who is coaching leaders. The skills you will learn will also help in everyday conversations and in the way that you work with teams or in meetings. This short course focuses on pioneer church planters and fresh expressions leaders, so the course is deliberately biased towards that setting. It will also be useful for anyone in Christian


3D COACHING offers coaching training with a pathway to accreditation.

CREATIVE RESULTS MANAGEMENT offers accredited training through a variety of programs. Set in an International context through Keith Webb using the COACH MODEL

INTERNATIONAL COACHING FEDERATION is a membership organisation for trained professional coaches. It offers an ecosystem of membership, credentialing, education, impact and the future of coaching.

For a regular coaching community of practice which meets to develop coaching skills email for further information

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Fresh Expressions don’t take a model and replicate. We let the place we’re in and the people around us shape what church looks like – an fx is all about doing church that makes sense to the people and place it finds itself in. So the best way to equip you for the journey you’re about to begin is to give you some tools to help navigate the next steps in this adventure God is calling you into.


One of the four key activities of fx is to enable the resourcing of the movement, by providing and sustaining a framework that empowers practitioners and pioneers within the movement to co-create and resource one another. Check out the wealth of resources and training available to you wherever you are on the fx journey.


‘Stop starting with Church!’ Was was the dictum developed early in the 1990’s by fx pioneers Bob and Mary Hopkins as they observed the ever-increasing diversity that God was initiating in the early UK church planting movement. 


Fresh Expressions of Church take several different forms; from new housing to rural, urban to suburban, messy church and third age to forests, coffee shops, beaches, pubs, barns, online and even church buildings. However, several key features unite them to provide further clarity around what a Fresh Expression is..