Discipleship in Fresh Expressions

" The need for active, adventurous disciples of Jesus is as urgent as ever. There is a broken world in need of healing, good news to be shared and Kingdom work to be done, all energised by the charismatic Spirit so powerfully present at the baptism of Jesus and the birth of the church at Pentecost."

Andrew Roberts, Holy Habits

Sharing your experience of Jesus with those who are interested is part of your love. He is good news for you, and he might be good news for them. If they are uninterested, that won’t make any difference to your love for them. Your love will continue regardless.

You can share Jesus without pressuring people or feeling awkward. It can be as comfortable as enjoying a meal. You’ll be sharing food “from heaven” that will nourish your team as well as people wanting a richer life (Jn 6:32). Here’s how it could work:


These four enjoyable Bible Talk questions are a welcoming way to explore spirituality from a Jesus perspective:

If this story happened today,

1. What would it look like?
2. What is this story saying to me?
3. Could the story make a difference to my life? If so, how?
4. Did this story make a difference to my life? If so, how?

Our advice is to use questions that…

  • Don’t give right or wrong answers
  • Invite people to explore
  • Are less about belief and more about people’s experience of their beliefs
  • Encourage people to share, and
  • Focus on application to life

The text from this article is taken from fx publication ‘The 21st Century Christian’ by Mike Moynagh & Michael Beck. 

This book is a great guide to reinvigorating your day-today Christian experience and making Christ’s family accessible for all, right where life happens. Anyone can do it!

Godsend is an fx resource to help get you started on your own fx journey. Available as an app and book, it’s filled with stories, resources and encouragement.


Fresh Expressions and HOPE Together have created a FREE Resource for introducing people to Christ in a group setting.

To complement personal witness, it suggests how you might add a spiritual dimension alongside a lunch club, drop-in centre or some other outreach.

It also has ideas for sharing Jesus in a new worshipping community, fresh expression of church, missional community or church plant.

Perhaps you’ve been listening to God and your context, found a practical way to love people round you, and gathered those involved into a community.


“The practices and ecclesiology of Fresh Expressions have had lots of attention and have developed to meet the needs of the world as it now is, however, often it seems that theology underlying this is stuck in the past. We may be open to ‘doing church in new ways’, but if old thought-patterns reflecting a modernity mind-set run beneath, then we will continue to miss the point.”

Check out this article written by Rev. Cate Williams, Environmental Engagement Officer in Gloucester Diocese. 


Thinking afresh about church is a mission priority. To re-imagine church requires a clear picture of what church is. What can change and what has to stay the same?


Reimagining worship starts with our understanding of what worship is. A crucial word is ‘indigenous’ – in other words, how can you take activities that your community feels passionately about and turn them toward glorifying God? It’s about not forcing assumptions about church onto communities.