1. Food for the journey: eating in

This is a wonderful creative approach to explaining the importance and centrality of sharing communion regularly together without taking it for granted, using Margaret Withers’ and Tim Sledge’s excellent book Creative Communion, BRF, 2008. Start by inviting everyone to imagine that they have as much money as they want to spend on a meal and they can have two types of food. What would they dream up?

Drawing upon on 1 Corinthinans 11.23-29 – which were the words that Jesus used at the last supper – there is an explanation and opportunities for discussion based around the Eucharist (which means thanksgiving), using the short Eucharistic Prayer H in Common Worship.

Additional creative activities:

The big frieze

An artistic scroll expressing in art and drawing what is going on in the Eucharistic Prayer, which could be unfolded as the prayer progresses.

Remember, re-member

The opposite of remember is not ‘forget’, it’s dis-member (to pull apart). Illustrate this by making a jigsaw template of a communion setting. Invite everyone to help colour in the picture, then back it onto card and cut it into large irregular pieces. When bringing the different gifts to the table, bring up the pieces of the jigsaw. They represent the body of Christ as we form the shape of the picture on the table.

Other activities include

Baking bread, loose juice, Eucharistic Prayer stopwatch.

Communion reflection and prayer follow, with suggestions for further action and planning.

2. Food glorious food

A six-session course intended to help children grow in their understanding of the different aspects of communion, using Margaret Withers’ and Tim Sledge’s excellent book Creative Communion, BRF, 2008.

Each session is centred around eating a meal or snack together. The food chosen has a link with the theme of the session and a section of the Eucharist (meaning thanksgiving).

  • session 1: ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ – gathering;
  • session 2: ‘Healthy Eating’ – saying sorry;
  • session 3: ‘Sweet Things’ – gospel reading;
  • session 4: ‘Bring and Share the Needs of the World’ – offering;
  • session 5: ‘Sharing an Agapé Meal’ – communion;
  • session 6: ‘Takeaway Pizzas’ – dismissal.