Connecting with the movement

Andy Freeman writes ….

Nineteen years ago I was working away in a little Church in Reading trying to connect with young people who were far away from Church.

Although this was a few years away from Mission Shaped Church and the language of Fresh Expressions was yet to be commonplace, we knew what we were about and we knew our goals.  The world around us was changing and we knew these young people we came to love and care for needed the Church to be imaginative and creative in order to share the full life of Christ with them.

As someone once wrote … the love of God compelled us.

Today, many of you share this journey and so in that way we are all part of this movement called Fresh Expressions.

There are many ways to connect with Fresh Expressions as a movement and we’d encourage you to check each of them out.   Our page ‘Connect Me’ should be able to help.

However, I’d want to say that Fresh Expressions is a simple and easy movement to be a part of.  We get involved by acting.  Fresh Expressions has many supporters and admirers.  However, each of us are clear that Fresh Expressions only works when ordinary people like you and me decide to take action.

Maybe you’ve noticed a group of young people hanging out near your church?

Maybe you’ve noticed the young families and single parents in your neighbourhood struggling to make ends meet.

Maybe you’re curious how the folks in the residential home in your neighbourhood might connect with God.

Fresh Expressions encourages you to take action.  To do something.

We can guide you with some first steps.

We can cheer you on with stories from the movement.

But we can’t do it without you.  Take part.  Why not say hello with the form below.