The world of fresh expressions of church is now more complex than twelve years ago when Mission Shaped Church report was published.  From the first timers, of whom there are still many, to the well versed, to the practitioners and permission givers. All of them have a slightly different ‘need’ or expectations in terms of a vision event. A standard vision day has not met all of those needs and expectations for some time and so a change is needed.

Vision events are a fun and interactive way to explore new ways of being church and how to form them. So far over 6000 Christians in over 100 places in the UK and worldwide have discovered more about fresh expressions of church and have come away with a real desire to work with God and develop their dreams. You can:

  • share your story
  • think about what it is to be church
  • ask questions
  • find out about fresh expressions
  • discover resources
  • build networks and relationships

To host a vision event all you need is yourself and your team.  We have made all our resources available so that you can share the vision of Fresh Expressions in your area.  A set of slides to use on your Vision Event can be found below.

FX Vision Event slides

You can also download a template poster below.

Vision Events Poster final

If you’re interested read on.

What are we trying to do through Vision Events?

Our aims are quite simple;

  • To communicate the vision and values of Fresh Expressions Ltd and what fresh expressions of church are about.
  • To move from audience to participation – we want to inform and for participants to experience and engage with others and join in with what God is doing.
  • To inspire all to start and multiply fresh expression of church.

Each vision event needs to be contextualised and should not be a standard event. It might be  to  an individual in a coffee shop, it might be to a group of permission givers, it might be to someone you meet on a train, or to a church group who keen to learn more, …the possibilities are endless. Listening to the participants and what they need is vital.  In terms of delivery of vision events we think the experience or process is as important as the passing on of information and stories. We want to connect head, hearts and hands.

All we ask for you to do as a minimum is deliver a process of engaging the participants, showing the core powerpoint slides and asking them, “What will you do next?”

We know many of you are experienced in running events, but if you’d like some more guidance then download our step by step guide.

VisionEvents Step-by-Step

We would love to hear how things go.

Please contact Tim Lea at