Growing New Christian Communities : Godsend

Growing new Christian communities is at the heart of what Fresh Expressions is all about. With that in mind, we launched our new app Godsend at the start of November to support you to develop and grow these communities where you are. Packed with content about various stages of the journey of growing a Fresh Expression of church, the app includes real life stories from people who are doing this in lots of different ways and creative animations that explain the concept in brief . We believe it is a great resource to support you whether you’re at the beginning of the journey and thinking about what it might mean for you to start a Fresh Expression or whether you’re well along the way and wondering what growing team looks like or how you reproduce what you’ve already done.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of our animations from the app:

We love it, but it’s not just about what we think, which is why we have really appreciated getting your feedback. One user shared that they thought it was “A really good ‘in your pocket’ ongoing resource”. Another pioneer said, “What a great resource you’ve developed – really love the way it’s laid out and the graphics and the tone of it. Beautiful!”

Download it today from the Google Play or App Store and see what you think.