Guide Me

Claire is 23 and has been part of a Fresh Expression for a year.  She would have described herself as turned off from church and isn't really familiar with a lot of what goes on.  Claire is excited about starting an environmental project as part of her Fresh Expression of Church.  But what should she do next?

Dan is 32 and has been leading a Fresh Expression called Ignite in a small southern town.  He works in retail and gets involved with the Fresh Expression in his spare time.  He's not had time for any formal training and takes a 'get on with it approach' but he'd like a few ideas and pointers to enable him to move forward.  Where should he look?

Diane is 42 and been to church most of her life.  Secretly though she's been feeling disconnected, like she doesn't fit.  She noticed many friends felt the same.  Then she heard about Fresh Expressions and wanted to get something started in her area.  But what?

If any of these people sound like you let us Guide you ....

Going deep: The Theory

Finding out: Examples of Fresh Expressions

Practicalities: What next?

Fueling Up: How to be Sustainable

Big Questions

What is the point of evangelism?