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Hi Josh!

Welcome to the Team, Josh Barker: Our New Intern with a Heart for Community and Connection

We’re thrilled to introduce our new intern, Josh Barker, who has recently become a vital part of our movement. As he embarks on his journey with us, Josh will be spending his initial months immersing himself in the ethos of our community, understanding the people within it, and forming a strategic plan that best utilizes his skills and passions to serve the movement meaningfully.

A Rooted Belief in Community

Growing up in Scarborough and being nurtured within the Salvation Army, Josh developed a profound understanding of the importance of the Church being embedded within the community. His beliefs are deeply rooted in the principle that the church should not just be in the community but be an integral part of it. This foundational belief informs his excitement and optimism about what the future of our movement holds and how he can contribute to it.

A Scholar with a Passion for People

Josh recently accomplished a significant milestone by completing a Master’s degree, where he explored the impact of flexible working on men. His research not only deepened his understanding of work-life balance but also shed light on how changing work paradigms affect individuals and their interpersonal relationships. Josh is particularly exhilarated about the opportunity to connect with others within our movement, intending to walk alongside them on their spiritual journeys with Jesus.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

During the global pandemic, a period that tested the resilience and faith of many, Josh initiated a blog aimed at encouraging others in their discipleship journey. The blog not only served as a platform to inspire and uplift others but also became an outlet for him to transform personal challenges into positive insights and reflections. His writings exhibit his ability to find hope and positivity amidst difficulties, a trait that is incredibly valuable in our collective spiritual journey.

Beyond Work: Family, Games, and Photography

A firm believer in maintaining a healthy work-life balance, Josh cherishes spending quality time with his family. Whether it’s engaging in board games, capturing moments through his lens, or simply enjoying shared moments, his family time is pivotal in rejuvenating his spirit and keeping him grounded. His love for photography not only documents his personal memories but also allows him to perceive the world from varied and unique perspectives.

Moving Forward with Josh

In the upcoming months, Josh will be diving deep into our movement, connecting with members, and absorbing the vibrant spirit that guides our collective actions and beliefs. His journey will not just be one of contribution but also of learning and mutual growth. We believe that his passion for community, his scholarly insights into modern-day working, and his personal experiences will bring fresh perspectives and positive energy to our movement.

We are excited to see the paths that Josh will carve out in his time with us and are incredibly optimistic about the innovative and heartfelt contributions he will make to our community.

Welcome to the team, Josh! Your journey, passion, and dedication to walking with others in their spiritual paths will undoubtedly be a blessing to our movement as we navigate forward, exploring and crafting fresh expressions of church together.