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November 23 Newsletter


As the Christmas season fast approaches, we’re excited to introduce our new and unique Digital Christmas cards. These nativity scenes blend traditional and contemporary imagery, capturing the essence of Christmas and embodying Fresh Expressions’ innovative spirit. Our comms manager, Mark, created and developed these designs over a number of weeks using Dall-E and Photoshop.

Digital Convenience and Creative Freedom: Our cards are digital, ready for download and printing from home. Whether hand-delivered or sent via mail, they add a personal touch to your Christmas wishes with flexible download options.

Name Your Price: Each card has a minimum price but you can ‘name your price’ which lets you contribute an amount reflecting your support for the charity.

Immediate Access Upon Purchase: Upon purchase, instantly unlock your chosen designs. There are different downloads for each design available: with print bleed and crop marks for a polished finish, and a plain version for easier printing.

Bonus: Artwork for Digital Sharing: We’re also including the standalone artwork for digital sharing via email or social media but we’d ask to mention us if using them that way.

Print Your Own Christmas Card 01
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Print Your Own Christmas Card 02
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Print Your Own Christmas Card 03
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Print Your Own Christmas Card 04
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Print Your Own Christmas Card 05
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Print Your Own Christmas Card 06
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Why We Are Selling Cards: Purchasing these cards helps us sustain our impactful work and marks our first step in exploring different methods of funding.

The new Fresh Expressions Online Shop ( is live with the cards but you can expect the store to grow over the coming months. If you’ve got suggestions on what you’d like to see there, let us know!

In the meantime, stay connected with us for updates and thank you for being a part of the Fresh Expressions community.

Best regards,

Mark and the fx team

Mark Robinson
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