On Mission with Jesus


Changing the default setting of the church

January 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the Fresh Expressions movement which spread internationally and denominationally from its origins in the Church of England. Graham Cray was its first National Leader. Countless new forms of church have emerged through Fresh Expressions, the Church Army, New Wine, and various pioneer network.

On Mission with Jesus offers a theological understanding of the missional nature of the church, which will undergird and inform local practice and assist ministerial and pioneer training. Its central argument is that the Church’s inherited understanding of itself imprisons the imagination of local congregations and in ten chapters,

Graham Cray seeks to establish a new self-understanding for local congregations:

1. Updating Default Settings
2. Sharing in the Mission of God
3. Making Disciples
4. Following the Spirit
5. Shaping the Church
6. Anticipating the Future
7. Joining the family Business
8. Being a Pilgrim People
9. Recognising Jesus in the Church
10. Becoming a Jesus on Mission-Shaped Church