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Re-imagining the organisation for the future of the movement: Press Release from Fresh Expressions

February 2019

Fresh Expressions (FX) to bring in creative new structure and leadership model in March 2019 as Phil Potter completes his role as Team Leader.

In March 2019, Phil Potter will step down from his role as ‘Archbishops’ Missioner and Team Leader Fresh Expressions’ after 5 years. As part of the process of change and in response to the rapidly changing nature of the Fresh Expressions movement in the UK, we have engaged in a listening exercise across the movement and decided on some significant changes for 2019.

Just as we’ve encouraged people and communities to re-imagine their mission and their missional churches, so we too as an organisation are changing and re-imagining ourselves for this next stage in the journey. Our specific focus will be on ‘connecting and catalyzing the fresh expressions movement’.

The movement now exists much more as a “network of networks” than simply as a single organisation. We have seen a range of missional networks emerge that together represent the breadth and depth of the movement. Some of these networks have formed naturally but some have also been intentionally created. These networks work across and within denominations and are enabled by leaders from the length and breadth of the country.

The emerging shape of this movement is something we are convinced is part of the continuing work of God. Within Fresh Expressions we are passionate and committed to following and exploring where the Spirit might continue to lead. Therefore, in discussion with partners our Board has now agreed to the following proposals for the future of the movement.


From 14 March 2019, Fresh Expressions will move away from the traditional Team Leader role to create a community of leadership drawing from across the wider movement.

Leaders and Enablers from all types of Fresh Expressions will gather to shape our movement in mission, in the way we meet together and in networking and support for the future. A core community will facilitate a coordinated working together of similar leaders across the network and across each of its partners.

Fresh Expressions will remain as a single charity working ecumenically across every kind of partnership in the UK Church.

From March, Fresh Expressions Ltd will change its name to ‘FX Networks Ltd’ and will serve and enable the many networks and relationships that make up the movement. We are also setting up ‘FX Resourcing’ as a creative arm of the organization, to create and share resources, training and good practice from across the movement.

The new structure and approach will be formally launched at our next Fresh Expressions Community Gathering on 14-15 March 2019.

“We believe that this transition will help to fuel a movement that is not only committed to catalyzing fresh expressions of church but is comfortable with the pioneer premise that ‘constant change is here to stay’.”
Phil Potter

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