Quick Look A01 – Introduction


Aims: To develop understanding as to how best to use these guides when enabling others to establish fresh expressions of church.




These guides are intended to give an easy overview of the content of each unit and the arrangement of material within msm. This will enable work that involves reconfiguring material between units as well as a handy oversight of individual units when planning delivery in various contexts. Our hope is that this will enable anyone to use the material creatively and dynamically in a constantly changing context.

Who is it for?

  • Coaches (including those working with flexible delivery of msm) and the leaders/ teams they are enabling.
  • Teachers and trainers in delivery of classic, flexi, online and hybrid msm courses
  • Those seeking to contextualise the course e.g.: international partners
  • Those revising the course
  • Academic staff seeking to incorporate material into other training modules/settings

Each guide consists of:

  • The unit title and reference number from the course
  • The aim/main learning objective of the unit
  • A summary of key learning points and content
  • A list of possible ways of applying the learning
  • A list of resources contained in the full unit materials.

We hope you enjoy it.


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