Videos and Movies

Over the years we have had the pleasure to work with a number of movie makers to create some creative and imaginative insights into the world of Fresh Expressions.  Here’s a glimpse into our archive but why not check out our YouTube channel and follow us.


Andy Milne tells the story of Sorted, working with Young Adults in Bradford.


The story of a re-imagined church in the rural Scottish Borders.

Ian Bell on Pioneering Pathways 

Ian Bell shares on pioneer ministry in the Methodist Church

Developing Pioneers in Leicester Diocese 

The beginning of Leicester’s ground-breaking Pioneer Ministry strategy


The Refresh Booklet has been a wonderful success and inspired a whole bunch of people.  You can find its story on our archive but for now enjoy its launch in movie form.

The Three Flavours of Mission Shaped Ministry

Our ground-breaking mission shaped ministry course is now available in three different ways, meaning everybody is now within reach of a course. Read the transcript at

What is a Fresh Expression?

We go back to the Middle Ages to find out