Rugby World Cup is here

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Many of us will have tuned in as Japan kicked off the latest Rugby World Cup last Friday.  The tournament features 20 nations including England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  Thousands in the stadiums and millions round the world will be connecting with one of the biggest events of the year.

Christians in Sport this week launched a Sports Mission Pack which includes  quizzes, films, sports tournament tools and marketing resources.

The pack has been further developed for the upcoming Rugby World Cup to include:

• A Rugby World Cup-specific quiz round
• The Two Sides of Sport, an evangelistic film featuring Rico Tice and rugby internationals Garin Jenkins, Ann O’Flynn and Jonathan Webb

Sport continues to grow in profile and the big events we’ve witnessed this year like the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Cricket World Cup create moments of togetherness and event that are massive parts of people’s lives.  The Rugby World Cup will be another iconic series of matches.  If you think, like Christians in Sport, that these events present opportunities for the church then why not download the Sports Mission Pack at or from the Christians in Sport website.

Questions and advice on how best to use of the pack can be sent in to

Fern Brereton from Christians in Sport told us “our prayer is that through these Rugby World Cup features many more sportspeople will have the chance to hear and respond to the gospel this autumn.”