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Sept 23 Newsletter


We dropped our kids off this morning for their first day back to school. When I got home I was thinking about all the new things that so many will be experiencing this week but it also sparked the question about what new things are happening in this community and what stories you have from the summer.

So, what is this September bringing for you and where do you see God working? Tell us your stories.

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In the meantime, here’s a flavour of what’s on this term…
Wayfinders: Guided by Scripture, navigating the liminal (
For our September Gathering, John Drane and Olive Fleming Drane will take us on a deep dive into the origins of the Bible. Together we’ll unpack how we can creatively apply it to our own missional contexts.
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Rural & Wild – Pilgrimage Learning Community (
This webinar is a conversation aimed at people looking to gather outdoors, explore, encounter & journey together, pioneer new ways of being church, reimagine pilgrimage & develop mission in their rural communities.
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An online ecumenical gathering – Oct23 (
An online ecumenical ‘brave’ space for church at the economic margin’s advocates and practitioners of fresh expressions of church hosted by Fresh Expressions and the Methodist church.
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One Rock – Institute (
Running from October 2023 to August 2024, the One Rock Institute is for leaders who want to start up or scale up mission projects. The Institute is ideal for church planters, social entrepreneurs, youth workers, business founders, charity developers, artists, political activists – people leading or pioneering Kingdom projects.
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