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Sorted Bradford

Sorted began life in 2003 in North Bradford with the simple aim of getting alongside young people, building relationships and empowering them to help us form new Christian communities. Spending time with young people in schools, on the streets and in the parks; they listened to their concerns and aspirations. They then began experimenting by forming groups and asking the question – what will transformation look like for young people in North Bradford?

Groups were formed in homes, playgrounds and portacabins as a new Christian community began to take shape. Our work begins with loving and serving young people and addressing their needs by discussing both life issues and spiritual life. Sorted work with young people to form transformational communities so that young people, who often don’t get along – come to accept, encourage and support one another.

Sorted meets for a big activity session each Friday evening, it meets for mid week small groups and a weekly worship service. Young people choose where they want to be – some are part of the Sorted community each Friday, serving their peers by making a positive contribution to the activity session. Others seek deeper involvement through small groups and worship as they find that faith helps the transformation process. Young people can attend one or all of these different sessions as they feel ready.

Since those early days, Sorted has reproduced: – Sorted 2 happens in BD2 with young people mainly from Hanson Academy. Sorted 3 happens in BD10 with young people mainly from Immanuel College. Sorted+ is a Christian community of young adults and Thrive is a Christian community of young families. Young people coming into Sorted as teenagers, can progress into Sorted+ or Thrive as they reach adulthood.

Sorted seeks to build relationships of acceptance and love, working with those we reach to develop Christian community together. Empowerment and ownership are vital components. We aim to be open to the Holy Spirit and true to God’s word.

Sorted is a charity and a company limited by guarantee. We are a Church Army project and part of Church of England Diocese of Leeds as a fresh expression of church with a Bishop’s Mission Order.