St Phillip's Sheffield

St Philip’s is a church community in the heart of Sheffield in South Yorkshire.

St Philips operates in a missional community style, with distinct smaller communities forming part of a larger whole. They aspire to be “an authentic, brave and creative community who, inspired by the words and ways of Jesus, see transformation in people and communities.”

Their approach has three elements:

  • They regularly join together in small groups to encourage and challenge one another to live life well.
  • They also join together in larger groups to seek transformation for the people and places around us through prayer and action.
  • They then meet together on Sundays to worship God and celebrate where we see God at work, to re-connect relationally and get equipped for our missional adventures.
    St Philips has many missional foci but are particularly passionate about welcoming the many students that come to study in Sheffield and getting alongside those living in the urban estates in the North.

As well as using our base at The Printhouse as a place to meet on Sundays, we use our office space to support start-up businesses, our gathering space to host a variety of events and our prayer space as a sanctuary in the city and for the city.

For more information go to our website.