FX Purpose & Structure

'We believe that God’s missionary Holy Spirit is at work in the world and is inviting us to be discerning as we join with that work and adventure.'

The purpose of the charity is “to serve the fresh expressions movement and help it flourish”.

We have identified four key activities which are vital in fulfilling this purpose.

These are as follows:
• To communicate the call of God’s missionary Holy Spirit enabling people and organisations to discern and respond to it.
• To connect and network those who are, and yet to be, part of the fresh expressions movement.
• To enable the resourcing of the movement, by providing and sustaining a framework that empowers practitioners and pioneers within the movement to co-create and resource one another.
• To listen to the Spirit and speak prophetically to the church (in the UK and beyond) about the value and efficacy of contextual mission, telling stories and sharing research findings about fresh expressions of church.

The leadership community listens to the fx movement and communicates vision and strategy to the fx board who then make decisions about funding, governance and deployment of the fx contractors.


The fx movement is served by the charity and the leadership community through:

  • Prophetic listening to the voice of the Spirit in the movement,
  • Advocating for contextual mission and fx practitioners,
  • Connecting individuals and networks enabling collaboration,
  • Affirming and championing these individuals and networks.

The purpose of the FX Leadership Community is to:

  • Respond to and for the fx movement by ‘fanning the flames’ of the networks
  • Hold a common vision for the movement.
  • It also enables FX Ltd. to better serve the movement by providing strategic guidance as to how the charity can best deploy the fx contractors.

The fx board provides governance and finance that enables the charity to offer the fx contractors who serve the movement and help the individuals and networks within it to flourish through effective connecting, resourcing and communicating.

The goals of the charity; specifically in terms of the fx leadership community are:

  • To help each network to ascertain and articulate its own goals,
  • To nurture a community that enables these goals to be communicated between and across networks, so that connections can be made, common visions emerge and collaborations develop,
  • To assist, by the provision of the fx contractors, the achieving of these goals, through effective and appropriate networking, resourcing and communicating,
  • To amplify the stories, challenges, research and learning from across the networks, advocating for fx practitioners and enabling the prophetic voice of the movement to be heard more broadly,
  • To enable the networks to reach and affirm isolated fx practitioners so that they can further flourish in their contexts.

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Fresh Expressions of Church have been emerging and evolving since the late 1980s. In the late 1990’s and into the New Millennium, a number of Church denominations and mission agencies worked together reflecting on the 90’s church-planting movement and beginning a process of investing and encouraging the pioneering of new forms of church expression.