Telling Your Story, Telling Mine

My name is Jo, three weeks ago I started working on Fresh Expressions Communications and so it felt like a good time to introduce myself.  My story is like many others – I’m married to Jonny and Mum to my gorgeous little one year old Esther. We live with a bunch of wonderful people in a mission community in the north of Sheffield trying to figure out how to share Jesus love with the community there. I’m excited to be working with Fresh Expressions because I’m learning about some really great things other people are doing around the UK and being inspired by what I’m finding out – a bit of a win-win really! When I’m not working, I love to bake, try to find time to write a blog about mumming and am attempting [or failing] to learn about growing veg.

I wanted to make sure you knew a little of who I am as here at Fresh Expressions HQ we’ve been trying to find ways to enable you to share your story.

Communicating is something we all do everyday and it’s something that is so key to Fresh Expressions as a movement. Our story is your story, the people on the ground doing the nitty gritty, sowing the seed, trying out new things. So we’re launching a new campaign, based around your questions and your stories.

The new plan for communications

Back in September a bunch of people involved in Fresh Expressions answered the question ‘What questions are you asking at the minute?’ The end result was this…

The great thing about asking questions is that it gives us chance to explore the answers and the thing that I loved about looking through the questions is that there is definitely a theme to the questions we’re asking. I say ‘we’ because some of these questions hit the nail on the end with what we’re asking in our mission community too.

How is it going to work?

So here’s the plan. Each month of the year we’ll be taking a specific question/theme that we will focus our communications around. We’ll be introducing it, finding out what you’re asking about it, profiling some examples of Fresh Expressions that are doing it and reflecting on what we’ve learnt about it throughout the month.

How can you get involved?

  • We want to hear your stories – get in touch and tell me about what you’re doing where you are.
  • We want to see what you’re doing – send us your photos!
  • Ask your questions – whilst the month will be themed around one key question, we want to hear what spin off questions you have in response to that.
  • Comment, like, engage – get on social media and take part; your voices are such an important part of the story we tell.

If you haven’t liked, followed, bookmarked our social media yet the links are:

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April: What are your experiences; joys and letdowns?

Next month we’re going to be kick starting our series of questions with:

What are your experiences; joys and letdowns?

This came out of the a series of questions that asked what have people tried and failed and what has been learnt from that?  For me this brings up the question of what is failure? I love that God didn’t make us to be perfect and we can learn so much in the ‘failure’ moments. But the word carries such negative connotations that we can avoid it. I’m not sure that’s healthy.

What are yours? Get in touch with or via social media with your questions, stories.

We’re looking forward to hearing more from you this year.



Article by Jo Edwards