Barricades – A Community Gathering poem

At our June Fresh Expressions Community Gathering, we spent some time in prayer and reflection.

Everyone was asked to open to what God might be saying to us around mission in the UK – we were actively encouraged to try and seek what God’s perspective was/is.

Bop Hopkins, a central part of the Fresh Expressions family, felt moved to write a poem – something that was very new to him.  “As a right-brained person” Bob told us “I don’t tend to get creative.”  However, despite that being far from his experience, Bob took a piece of A4 paper and began to write.

“These words came to me in five minutes … with no pause or diversion, no need to correct or amend.  It just flowed until it filled that one A4 sheet.”

These were the words Bob write.  Let us know what you think.


The barricades are creaking, 

The scaffolding collapsing,

The foundations are shaking 

And fresh water is seeping

Out through the cracks that are 

Becoming channels.

God’s missionary Spirit is finding a way.

It seeps from concentrated prayer 

And gathers force as “priests” and 

Pioneers find one another.

A risky embrace begins between

Structures, nameless nobodies and 

Young radicals … mould are broken,

Hierachies loose their potency to prevent 

And numerous Holy alliances across

Old ‘chasms’ begin a gracious lattice

That supports the coming King!