Farewell Lizzie, Hello Mark

This summer our team has had some big changes with us sadly saying a very fond farewell to Lizzie Lowrie our Comms Contractor and a big Hello! to Mark Robinson who has taken over those reins to help us continue our journey.

Lizzie has been brilliant in so many ways in her Comms role and we will miss her.  Her moving on has been precipitated by several factors; Storyhouse, the church and coffee shop which she co-leads is growing and needs more of her time and energy, she wants to pursue further writing opportunities, as a contributor to a book supporting Christians going through infertility due to be published next year and the possibility of writing her second book.  Dave and Lizzie have been approved as adoptive parents.  We wish her and Dave well in their new ventures and we look forward to hearing about what God is doing with them in the future.

We are also really pleased to welcome to the team, Mark Robinson, an experienced Comms consultant, with a passion for Jesus and a love of video.

Mark has over 20 years of experience in video production & communications. He’s run his own boutique digital agency called Digital Creative for the last 10 years where he’s been dedicated to working with Christian and charitable organisations. Most recently he was running communications at Trinity College in Bristol where his wife Ruth was studying. She was ordained this summer as a deacon in the Church of England and they are serving a church in West London. They have 7-year-old boy/girl twins who were a blessing after some years of infertility.

I’m really passionate about people knowing Jesus especially those who might not set foot inside more traditional church settings.

When he’s not working on communications projects, Mark loves throwing himself down muddy hills on his bike or watching then discussing movies and tv series.  Mark is always keener for deep conversation rather than small talk and is always keen to unpack the bible and explore new theologies. His own return to faith 15 years ago is his main driver in everyday life and he is passionate about others knowing the real King Jesus.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for Mark as part of the team.