Passionate Believers, Daring Dreamers

Last week saw the Salvation Army tribe get together for their Pioneer Gathering.  We asked Fresh Expressions partner, Andrew Vertigan to share a little about the gathering and then take some snaps of the time together.  Here’s what he sent back to us.

Salvation Army Pioneer Gathering 2019, took as its theme Passionate Believers, Daring Dreamers. Some 5 years ago 27 people gathered this year there were over 227! Gods Holy Spirit was powerfully experienced during the time of seeking what God is calling us too. Guest speakers included Bish Rik Thorp, Trevor Hutton (Momentum) Jo Simpson (Methodist Mission Enabler) Mark Berry, Lucy Moore, Simon Scott (Schools youth work charity CYM) and others. In faith a bigger venue has been booked for the next three years! It was great to have the FX Godsend team present who discussed the app and how they were desiring to share more of the pioneering stories. Myself and Andrew came away even more convinced than ever, that there is not only a beauty and richness in the Body of Christ, but how much more effective we are when we unite around the common purposes of the Kingdom.

Andrew took some great snaps thanks to a handy mobile phone and an eye for a picture….

Mark Berry shares poetry and verse
Godsend champion Ali Dorey gets people signing up
Lucy Moore inspiring us with Messy insights
The packed hall … a sign of great things going on in Salvation Army Pioneering

We are so grateful to Andrew and Andrea Vertigan and to our friends from the Salvation Army who bring so much to us as a movement.  You can find out more about pioneering in the Salvation Army at their web pages.

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