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Ep007 We’re back!

The Mission Shaped Podcast
The Mission Shaped Podcast
Ep007 We're back!

#TheMissionShapedPodcast is back!!!!

We are starting over and getting back into recording over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been recording a whole load of episodes, and we’ve got a stack of episodes yet to record all lined up during the summer. We’ll be releasing those soon, but in the next week or so we’ll be releasing the first episode.

We’ve got a slightly new format to the podcast, shortening it down to 30 minutes per episode for our stories. In addition, we’ve got some new streams coming later in the year. We’re going to have these new five-minute shorts that are just going to be these little short nuggets of wisdom, and then some roundtable discussions, getting a group of people who’ve been doing this stuff for a long time, and some people who are just starting out, throwing them together and seeing what wisdom can be shared.

And then as well, we’ll do these one-off interviews with maybe some authors and other leaders who’ve got some real wisdom just to share on specific topics. We’re really excited with what’s to come and what God’s doing. You can listen in on your regular podcasting platform, and of course, you can listen in on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon. We’re hoping that you will be really inspired by the stories you hear and how God is working through people and through their creativity and his creativity with them.

And we also want to say, if you have a story that you think is going to inspire others to get involved in this Fresh Expressions movement, then please do get in touch. All of this can be found by going to the Mission Shade We’re really looking forward to sharing these stories with you. We’re really looking forward to seeing what God does and we hope you enjoy it too.