Blessings for Pioneers

We re-found these blessings recently which Jonny Baker put together after Breakout 2012. Be blessed as you read on.

May you…

  • get your timing right through prayerfulness
  • take the risk of bringing your broken self and not your ‘sorted self’ so the gospel can flow
  • take small actions that become graced in the least predictable ways
  • resist the temptation towards a theology of answers
  • have many graced encounters where you build on the wisdom discovered by youth workers in informal education
  • fill out the comma in the creed and break open the story of Jesus’ life and the way he lived
  • in crisis and in celebration in your communities, may God grant you the improvising craft of apt liturgy
  • remember to pause and reflect, and not be reactive
  • foster poetry where lament and grief is always legitimate and tears can flow
  • may the deep joy of the Holy Spirit make you an animateur of fun, play and laughter
  • remember to “talk dirty” about faith
  • accept the invitation to express venturesome love
  • see chins pucker in the blade of the moment when the Jesus story coincides with people’s own story
  • in your punctured confidence and weakness, stay vulnerable and alongside
  • may the Holy Spirit enliven your imagination such that you find the world magical, enchanted and breathtakingly wonderful
  • not be seduced by the tempter and always know that it is not money that will bring the Kingdom of God
  • find friendship with radicalised older women
  • develop the practices and gaze of soft eyes, compassionate responses and genuine hospitality
  • take the risk of conversation that is two-way
  • have the courage to unhitch the caravan
  • wholeheartedly embrace the ministry of awakening to traces of ultimacy and rumours of glory and be a midwife to ‘God in the soul’
  • hold true to the task and call you have been given, such that you ‘don’t half put it up em!’
  • treasure and listen to the youngest