For Arts Sake

One of the annual highlights of the Pioneer Ministry year has become the CMS Conversations Day, where imaginative topics are given a healthy dose of debate, inspiration and contemplation.

In 2020, the Conversations Day is back with “For Arts Sake, “a day of creative conversations on art, theology and mission. The day will take place on Tuesday 3rd March from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

Cathy Ross writes:

“CMS Conversation Days are an opportunity for those involved or interested in mission to connect around a given theme. A space for theorists and practitioners to share knowledge, insights and passion through presentations, workshops and panel discussions.”

The theme of art and mission will address three specific areas:

Affirming Art

With a focus on visual and performance art we will be exploring the intrinsic value of art in keeping with God’s creative nature and expression in creation.

Mission and Art

What is art’s unique ability to communicate the gospel? In what ways is it being used and in what ways could it be? An opportunity to discover the role, significance and power of art to build community, provide healing, and communicate the gospel, and how this is especially relevant to our current age.

Prophecy and Art

A tactic in prophetic dialogue is to listen and discern those activists, dreamers, vagabonds, poets and unpopular popular artists who are already prophets in their own culture and to join in with what they are doing in liberation, in service to the healing of creation. An opportunity to meet those who dig out the treasure of popular cultural resources that are apocalyptic, the unpopular popular, and use them as dialogue partners, or as the building blocks of liturgy and spirituality in the new emerging missional communities.

The event is taking place at the CMS offices in Oxford and tickets are now available for £35 including your lunch.

You can book them via the link below.